C and H Movie Cars
Serving Long Beach and surrounding areas
and Las Vegas with vehicle rentals
for video or photo shoots.

We have a hearse, fire truck, and other vehicles
available; and a private estate with gym in Las Vegas.

Email rsvp@candhmoviecars.com
or Call (562) 822-6176

 Cop Cars     School Bus

 Ambulance     Hearse

 Monster Truck
Sheriff Car 1

At C and H Movie Cars we know what it takes
to make your production a success!
Please contact us for a quote.

A $100 deposit is required to have a vehicle reserved.
All deposits are non-refundable.

$75 for cleaning the car’s interior upon return for stains, dirt, or soilage;
or $150 for excessive stains or odors.

$50 for cleaning the car’s exterior upon return
for excessive dirt (ie: off-road driving), or $125 for extreme dirt.

If you lose: magnets $100 ea, light bar cover $175,
bubcaps $50 ea, props (varies depending on item).
$150 if key(s) is/are not returned with the vehicle.

If vehicle is returned later than scheduled,
you may also be charged a late return fee ($50 every hour past due).

Email us at rsvp@candhmoviecars.com
or call (562) 822-6176 for more details.

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